Friday, April 17, 2015

Amazon Prime Now in Atlanta is awesome!

It's now available in Atlanta. And it's amazing! Here are a few pluses.

  1. Uses much less packaging! One thing I don' like about online order is it often uses A LOT of packaging (e.g., one tiny pen wrapped with a gigantic box), which is bad for the environment and makes be feel guilty. Amazon Prime Now uses mainly recyclable paper grocery bags (similar to grocery bags). This means I no longer need to break up boxes, bring them to recycling, and feel too guilt, etc.
  2. It's faster to shop using Amazon Prime Now's app. I like choices, but I don't want too many choices -- overwhelming is often the feeling I get when I browse on, and that causes me to spend more time on their site than I want to. Sometimes, I want to just buy something, and forget about it. The Amazon Prime Now app allows me to do just that (most of the time). It sells mainly popular, highly-rated ones. So no more browsing through hundreds and hundreds of brands! Simplicity wins.